Hi 👋, I'm Jochem Nabuurs

A picture of me in a wetsuit making a surf sign with my hands

front-end developer

I love building fast user-friendly web applications that help clients achieve their goals. Working as part of a team, solving front-end related problems, is what I love to do most. Using React, Typescript and GraphQL makes me extra happy. If you need a teamplayer who has a keen eye for UX and performance, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

About me

As a developer, crafting user experiences using modern techniques is what I do best. I ❤️ working with React, Typescript and GraphQL because it makes me productive, gets out of my way and allows me to write quality code fast. I'm an outgoing person and pretty easy to get along with; I really enjoy working in a team on a product, collaborating with UX, designers and fellow developers. Sometimes, I can be a bit too enthousiastic and chaotic, but that also enables me to think outside the box and come up with some pretty ingenious solutions sometimes.

When I'm not crafting the next amazing UI, you can find me solving a boulder problem or windsurfing. Besides that, I also love travelling the world, diving, craft beers, coffee and music.

My work

With 10+ years of experience building scalable front-ends for clients like AutoTrack, LeasePlan, PME-Legend and Suncamp I might just be a good fit for your next project.